European Youth Championships Bouldern 2022 (EYCH)

IFSC - International Federation of Sport Climbing

European Youth Championships Boulder 2022 (EYCH)
3rd – 6th August 2022

We are very excited to host the European Youth Championships in Bouldering this year.

Qualification at venue BLOC house Thursday, 04.08.2022

Semis and Finals at main venue Taggerwerk / BLOC house, Friday, 05.08.2022 and Saturday, 06.08.2022 (Same climbing wall as at the IFSC Climbing Word Cup Innsbruck 2022)

More information in the info sheet below.

Chief Routesetter:

  • Dirk Uhlig


  • Andi Matuska
  • Flo Murnig
  • Jan Heiko
  • + 2 exchange Routesetters (tbc.)

BLOC SUMMER Masters - Finals